Hack4Health - County of Marin Hackathon


What is this thing?

It's all about creative problem solving. Come together with your peers and work together to solve problems in our communities. Dive in, have fun, and be part of the solution.

Challenge yourself to work as a team to design, build, or just inspire innovation. Share your ideas or web/mobile application prototype, develop your concept for the good of the community, and compete for terrific prizes. Who knows? Your ideas could be a shot in the arm for the health of thousands. One day could foster your success, in a new startup or a career in public office.

It's about your health

Marin County is a healthy place. It consistently ranks among the healthiest counties in the state, but some residents aren't doing as well as others. Income, cultural and social barriers can lead to poor health for some residents.

  • What health challenges do you see among the community?
  • What creative ideas can you think of?
  • How could you use data or technology to help resolve health concerns?

It's time to design, code, and build, to be the heartbeat of Marin.

Checking our vital signs

Explore the new Marin County Open Data portal for access to the above health data sets (Emergency Medical Services [EMS], Obesity, Opioid) and more. Marin County aims to modernize citizen access to information. By sharing our data in an open and transparent way, we empower our citizens. Each dataset can be filtered, sorted, visualized, and it even comes with its own application program interface (API). The API can be used by you to create innovative solutions using our data.

To learn more about filtering data and using the API, review our API usage and data filtering instructions document, explore the API link on a dataset or read the full API documentation. Our instructions document has step-by-step instructions, numerous examples of API queries, as well as the full code for an interactive, working, and simple HTML application.

Taking the pulse of Marin

Make the impossible possible. Let's do this — one day, one goal, and so many great ideas!

Are you a designer, an innovator, a software developer, or just interested in building creative solutions? Are you a student in the 7th through 12th grade, or attending college? Then you can have an impact.

No need to be technical. If you have terrific ideas, you have a knack for translating ideas into real designs, or you care about the health of Marin, then we need you to take part to ensure a healthy Marin for years to come.

Interested? Then talk to your teachers and sign up. Join your peers and work to solve health challenges in Marin. Take part in the challenge over a day of fun, food, and civic hacking.

Sign Up


  • Date: April 1, 2017 Saturday
  • Location: Marin County Office of Education
    1111 Las Gallinas Avenue
    San Rafael, CA  94903
  • Time: 8:30 a.m. — 5:45 p.m.
Time Activity
8:30 Registration
9:30 Welcome and Overview
10:30 Introduction and Pitches
11:00 Team Formation
11:30 Hacking Begins
12:00 Lunch Available
1:00 Hacking Continues
4:00 Schedule Presentations
4:30 Presentations
5:30 Judges Deliberate
5:45 Winners Announced

Rules (and other official stuff)

  1. You must fill out and turn in the Marin County participation authorization form at the event.
  2. You must be registered to participate in the event. Registration is open to students in the 7th grade through college.
  3. Explore the Marin County Data on the Marin County open data portal.
  4. Entries must be apps or concepts that clearly benefit the citizens of Marin County.

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Win awards, cash prizes, and acclaim. For improving the health of the community, the top three contestants or teams can improve their own financial health:

  • $2,000 Best Solution Supporting a Healthier Community
  • $1,000 Best Mobile/Web App
  • $500 Best Use of Open Data

Teams can also win a prize just by telling a story on the health of our community using data. Check out the RX Safe Marin Report Card for a compelling example. If you would like to use the LiveStories software, there is a training guide here.

Prizes and ties are addressed at the sole discretion of the judges.

Review the judging criteria now for a leg up on the competition.


The Hack4Health Hackathon is completely funded by the generosity of our sponsors. As a governmental organization we rely on you to help us offer any prizes and put on a noteworthy event that will help attract the most diverse and talented youth in the county.

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